Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree

I spent the last two years and change working in data engineering. This involved a lot of ETL (extract/transform/load) development, SQL, python, AWS cloud infrastructure, and work on linux servers. Data engineering is definitely a hot field and I expect it to be even more in demand in the future as more companies build out data science and analytic teams.

For me though, I was drawn into tech because I wanted to build things. I loved the idea of having an idea and bringing it to life. In fact, I enrolled in a coding bootcamp because I had an idea for an e-commerce comapny that I wanted to launch. I learned web development, built the company, and ran it full-time for over two years.

I put a lot of time into iterating and testing my business with users. There is something so enjoyable about the quick and tangible feedback from putting together a quick demo and letting a user test it themselves. Frontend web development is really where my heart is when it comes to software development. Between tools like react native and AWS amplify, you can pretty much do anything with frontend skills and some javascript knowledge these days.

My cousin-in-law is pivoting into tech from pharmacy and is completing the Udacity frontend web development nanodegree. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to brush up on things so I am doing the program along with her.