2021 New Years Resolutions

The 2020 year will surely go down as a memorable one in the books. I got my first house, got my first wife (hopefully, only wife), experienced my first global pandemic, and witnessed my first major attempted insurrection of the US government. Same old, same old.

The jury is still out on the lasting impacts of COVID-19 on the world at large, but I can already see some changes that will likely stay with my life. I know that working remotely is actually much more enjoyable than I imagined, wearing a mask is something I'll continue doing during commutes/travel even for allergy reasons, and that my previous idea of work life balance was certainly lacking. Call me a glass half full kind of guy.

The winter break gave me a renewed energy going into 2021. This post is primarily intended to serve as a reminder of where my mind was at to start the year. I started following a new bullet journaling system for personal goal tracking, but I wanted to get my technical goals down in writing (typing?) too:

  • Build a project in typescript
  • Publish a react native proejct on the Apple and Google play stores
  • Make devstuff.shop profitable
  • Get a professional certification

The Front End Happy Hour podcast episode about Building side projects really rekindled some of the fire that I was lacking in 2020. I was kind of burnt out after getting my first real "developer" job so I want to find the magic again that got me so interested in code in the first place.